Retail Kiln Dried Birch FirewoodBirch is a premium firewood that doesn’t spark or pop, gives off good heat and doesn’t smoke. IF the birch is well seasoned that is…. Well seasoned birch is seasonal as it needs to be split in the early spring and sit in the summer heat before its humidity is below 20%. Since it sits out in the elements the consistency of the humidity cant be controlled and the birch can become discolored during the process. Availability of quality seasoned product is not always guaranteed and as sellers run out of the good stuff they often substitute with higher humidity product. Wet birch does not burn well and can really smoke thus eliminating the benefit of paying a premium for the product. The ultimate premium birch product is kiln dried birch. The wood is heated in an oven until humidity is approx. 15%, so the consistency and quality is never suspect regardless of the time of year you need the wood. The kiln drying process also kills any pests that may reside in the wood making it safe to transport across provincial borders. Yet another benefit to kiln dried birch over seasoned birch is the fact that most of the bark falls off. Birch bark is very flammable and burns with black smoke until the bark has burned away.

What some people have to say as to why they choose to only burn kiln dried birch:
“it does not burn holes in my wifes expensive Lu Lu Lemon pants”
“It doesn’t make popping noises so my dog does not bark and pace at the fire”
“No need to constantly move chairs away from the smoke”
I dont get ash in my food when I make my morning campfire bacon and eggs”

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