Retailers, look no further.

Supply your retail location with top-quality firewood.

Our Vision:

To consistently deliver quality, clean, dry, meticulously packaged, ethically sourced firewood in a timely fashion to EVERY retailer location, restaurant, and residential customer.

Our Mission:

To be the highest volume provider of firewood in Alberta.

Our firewood Facility

  • 3.5 acres
  • Gravel pads
  • Scalable high efficiency ergonomic packing stations
  • Current capacity is 1 truckload every 4 days
  • Bulk holding area capable of 15 loads
  • Packaged product area capable of holding 500 skids of product

Premium Firewood

  • Our premium firewood is kiln dried birch.
  • The kiln drying process is 100% natural and kills any pests and any larva/eggs that may be in firewood, allowing for transport across borders.
  • Guarantees a consistent, no hassle burning experience because the wood humidity is always dry. Results in repeat sales.
  • Birch burns very hot and does not smoke, resulting in a very pleasant wood to burn

Economy Firewood

  • Our campfire mix consists of the hardest of the softwood (Douglas Fir, and Larch/Tamarack)
  • Less popping and sparking than Pine or other softwoods
  • Available in plentiful supply
  • Dry and ready to burn because they are cut dead standing
  • Average price point for industry

We Help Sell

  • Website has been in existence since 2012 and was the first in Calgary and area, giving it top organic google rankings.
  • All retail locations are added to our locations map for site visitors to reference.
  • Listing mentions on Facebook and over 100 community groups and pages.
  • We understand getting buy in from all locations can be difficult especially any franchise you may have. We follow up with your retail locations and sell the product direct.
  • We are fully capable of turnkey DSD from Sales to Distribution.

DSD Services Available

  • Convenient ecommerce portal so locations can order direct
  • Route notification app that provides live delivery notifications and updates
  • WoodDepot.ca is owned by a distribution company
  • Infrastructure is in place to deliver to most towns and cities in Western Canada
  • Live delivery tracking keeps locations current as to when deliveries will arrive.
  • Warehousing/crossdocking capabilities in the following cities:
    • Calgary
    • Edmonton
    • Winnipeg
    • Vancouver