Apple Cooking Logs


Wood Depots Apple cooking logs works great for offset smokers, barrel smokers, charcoal and wood grills, as well as pizza ovens.

Apple has a high  BTU output, and a long burn time making getting  to your ideal cooking temperature faster, The temperature is easier to maintain and will hold longer while using less wood in the process.

Pieces are 12-14 ” long so out of the box they are best suited for larger smokers or ovens. Many customers chop them up into chunks to use in their appliances of choice.

Also great for burning down to coals for open fire cooking on natural coals.

Wooddepots cooking logs are

  • 100% naturally sourced from the Okanagan
  • Naturally seasoned to under 20% which is recommended wood spec for most ovens
  • Each box is produced by hand ensuring a quality cut product.
  • Great for experiencing the flavor of cooking over natural wood coals
  • Pieces are split 1″ – 3″ wide
  • Box Size: 14 x 14 x 14 Weight: 38 lbs Volume: 1.6 CBF
  • !!!!!!!!!!Delivery Canada Wide!!!!!!!


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