1/4 Cord Cedar Firewood Rack Kit


Build it to last to last! Our firewood rack kit comes with everything you need to build an estheticaly pleaseing long lasting sturdy firewood rack that will last for years to come.

About this item

  • Each firewood rack comes with a bracket set. Each bracket  is 12.7 inches long x 4 inches wide x 6 inches deep, 2 cross brackets 1.8 inches wide, 2 x 8-ft cedar 2x4s, 4 x 4-ft cedar 2x4s, and 16 wood screws
  • Our rack brackets are powder coated and are corrosion and rust proof, perfect to keep your firewood off the ground and well-ventilated.
  • Our rough cut cedar 2x4s are sturdy and will last a long time exposed to the elements, and an added bonus is that they offer more esthetic appeal to cheaper untreated softwoods.
  • Minimal assembly is needed; Simply use the included screws to attach the metal brackets to the cedar 2x4s provided.
  • This firewood rack is the perfect choice for your home fireplace, outdoor porch, back yard, patios, or tool shed.
  • Sturdy structure perfect for a 1/4 cord of firewood. 

****Other lengths of cedar 2×4 are available.  2x4x10, 2x4x12, custom cuts etc. Call us if you want to discuss a custom rack.


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