Premium Birch Firewood

Clean and quiet, it is the essential firewood for the right ambiance.

Birch is a hardwood that burns hot and clean with little smoke and zero crackling and popping. Kiln Dried Birch if great for recreational use in indoor and outdoor fireplaces or provides clean, long-lasting heat for those wood fired cooks out there.

Our premium birch is heated in a kiln from a min of 4 days to ensure the birch is always a min of 20% or less humidity. The kiln drying process ensures the wood is pest free, mould free, and ready to burn. This means no surprises, and that you can take the kiln dried birch with you anywhere.

If you want to keep your chimney from getting an excessive amount of creosote build up it’s important to burn only wood with moisture content below 20%. Burning wood with a moisture content over 20% creates more smoke, which contains particulates and chemicals, which form the creosote in your chimney. It also gives you less heat, because it takes heat energy to boil off the excess humidity.

What some customers have had to say when comparing their experience between burning Kiln Dried Birch and other firewood:

“No constant shifting of chairs to avoid the smoke around the campfire”
“Asthma sufferers can enjoy fire virtually smoke free fire”
“Camping chairs or indoor/outdoor furniture don’t get wrecked”
“No burnt floors or rugs”
“No popping noises that drive the dog nuts “
“Burns hot”
“I can transport with me to BC”
“Not once has the birch ever been wet and un-burnable”