1/2 cord Premium B.C. Douglas Fir Firewood


1/2 cord premium Douglas Fir  Just in from the British Columbia interior, Douglas Fir is renowned not only as  a great burning firewood but by its beauty and ease of splitting. The pink toned inside of this firewood will make your hearth shine and the warmness and  crackle this wood produces will fill your living room with an amazing ambience. Douglas fir is by far the firewood of choice of those from the BC interior as well as anyone who values a clean burning fire inside or out. Seasoned to perfection, cut, split and ready to burn. We are hand stacking and packing our premium dried Douglas fir 1/2 cord into 2 of our recyclable boxes (48″x40″x30″ ea)   If that’s too much wood, check out our mini totes.


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