Wood Depot Now Offers Cedar Lumber

Cedar lumber is a highly sought-after wood that has been used for centuries for its many benefits. Cedar is known for its unique aroma, natural resistance to rot, insects, and decay, and its beautiful natural color and grain. Cedar lumber is also highly durable and...

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Why Choose Kiln Dried Birch

Birch is a premium firewood that doesn't spark or pop, gives off good heat and doesn't smoke. IF the birch is well seasoned that is.... Well seasoned birch is seasonal as it needs to be split in the early spring and sit in the summer heat before its humidity is below...

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Buying the right wood

Buying firewood is not just a simple process of picking a random stack of wood, you need to take into consideration if it has been seasoned or not, if it’s a hard or soft wood, whether or not it burns for a long time, and if it leaves coals behind or not. All these...

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The Perfect Campfire

Have you ever tried starting the perfect campfire and just never succeeded or tried cooking a meal over a fire and it just tastes smoky and bland? You’re probably using the wrong type of firewood. Believe it or not, the type of firewood you use will have an impact on...

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Choosing the right wood

Before starting any fire it is always important to take into consideration the type of firewood you're using and if you have zero clue about firewood, don’t stress as below we lay out all the important terminology you will require while choosing your ideal firewood as...

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Starting fires

Whether starting a campfire or a cooking fire, it is important to understand the type of firewood you're using as it can have a variety of effects on the food you cook or even make a campfire uncomfortable and cover everyone around the fire in smoke. Depending on the...

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